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We are more than happy to make an appointment with customers before or after our regular business hours, this is something we do quite frequently.



We special order parts for customers, they need to supply us with the make and model number of their appliance, delivery is usually within 48hrs. We have a toll free line that customers can utilize, again they need the make and model number of their appliance, shipment would be direct to their address, home or business.


Water Purification Systems

Softening water is a very simple process, the machine takes the calcium out of the water, once this has happened the water is soft! The salt used in a softener does not have anything to do with the "softening process". Resin pellets are used to soften the water, once these pellets become clogged with calcium, the salt is used to clean them, they are then flushed with clean water, and are back in working order. You get more sodium from 1 soda cracker than you would out of all the water used in a family (of 4) home over the period of a month.

Reverse osmosis systems are used used to achieve pure drinking water. The systems are easy to install, the only maintenance required is to change filters, 3 annually, and one every other year.

UV system, used most often for people on wells, or water that is coming directly into the house from a lake, river etc. A UV system is usually used in conjunction with a Big Blue. The Big Blue removes suspended particulate from the water, making the purification process a little easier for the UV system.

We carry all filters required for the above systems. We also carry salt for softeners.

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